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October 29 2017

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She’s hanging out with us. 

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the halloween shirt lasted all of 5 minutes. he didn’t like the way the other cat was looking at him so he asked for it to be removed

(submitted by lisaa-marie)

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Jones, my little shit

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#SIMBA😺🐾🐭CRAZY about my new VALERIAN MOUSE (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡

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An important document

October 28 2017

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Dee Dee’s new nemesis is a wool dryer ball. She sure knows how to pick ‘em. 

Click here to support Artorias' Life Saving Surgery organized by Kiviniik Bouchard


Artorias is my dear cat, and I want to do everything I can to save him!

He got hit by someone, possibly kicked very hard, and now his femur is broken on one leg, and on the other the fibula is both fractured and dislocated.The GoFundMe page has more information on the surgeries needed and the technical stuff.

All donation are very appreciated! Even 1$ can change everything for Artorias!

I also want to say that im taking reduced commissions!

All are lined, colored and shaded! PM me for all details and examples of my work!
Headshot 10$
Bust 15$
Fullbody 25$

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She took over my bed.

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Treat or trick?
I’ll let you pick
But please realize I’m quick!
Count to three,
Turn your back
And all your candy
Will be in my sack. 🎃

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goblin swarm

please get this woman out of their cave

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Boom boom ah let me hear ya say wayooh


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October 27 2017

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Friendly reminder to keep your cats (and all pets) indoors this upcoming Halloween weekend! Unfortunately there are people out there who may look to harm cats, especially black cats, during this time of the year.

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