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October 09 2017

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The two beans, yet again, being cute as hecke.

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I’ve just brought my new little girl Luna home, she’s quite photogenic

Click here to support Smooch the Cat's Kidney Care Fund


Hi everyone, it’s Alex.

My cat Smooch needs your help.

A couple of weeks ago we learned that our beautiful stinky boy Smooch has stage 3 kidney disease, and I have put together this fundraiser to help defray expenses over the next several months of medical care and build up a cushion so that I can give him the best care going forward.  This disease is always fatal, but with good care he might live a year, two years, or more, quite comfortably.

Doesn’t he look comfortable?

Please help out if you can.  I’m disabled, and we’re living off my disability payments and my girlfriend’s part-time income.  We stay afloat, but only just.  I want Smooch’s future to be a little more secure than our own, and with your help I can come closer to providing the future this goofy dude deserves.

I love him and his stupid face so much.  I love how he sleeps in his water dish, and makes mudcrab mouthfart noises, and curls behind my knees at night.  I love his goofy quacking meow, and the way he snores, and the way he eats his special kidney-safe wet food off a fork like a hairy, stinky baby.  I love him.  Please help me help him.  I know there is so much bad stuff going on in the world right now, and it’s overwhelming, and this doesn’t seem like that big a deal, but for him it is.  For him it is literally life and death.  Help me stay with him to the end of the line.

My goal isn’t even $500, it’s a pretty low amount.  Even five dollars is a big help, so if you can donate, please do, or signal boost if you would be so kind.

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On my birthday, a litter of three sandy cream kittens were born in my bathroom from a stray little kitty named Minerva, who has birthed many kittens in my area, but never been caught and taken care of. But that ends here! She’s had her kittens, she’s getting spayed when safe to do so. And so will they!

However… I need your help. Medical care for anyone is expensive, but for cats, just being examined and getting basic care (shots, deworming, examinations, tested for medicals issues) is EXTREMELY expensive. Not to mention I will be fostering them for 5+ months and paying for their spaying/neutering. Needless to say, I can’t afford this and have 0 resources. I’m currently still paying off my own cats emergency surgery which was 2,300. SO.

Please consider donating to help me take everyone to the vet as needed so they can grow and thrive and find wonderful forever homes. I genuinely cannot afford it without help. If you can’t donate even a dollar, I understand, but ask you consider reblogging this so maybe someone else who can will see it.

To Donate Click Here

My first goal is $600, that would cover hopefully several visits. For spaying and neutering all of them it’s going to be somewhere around $250 (girls cost more, its a more tricky procedure. Not fair, is it? Boys just get a snip) And anything else raised would go towards covering their food, which if moms eating is an indicator, is a lot of food. (you can also donate food on my amazon wishlist or litter here)

Minnie and Bee, Dolly, and Freddy can’t thank you but I can. Genuinely, anything helps. We have to protect the animals, to show those who tossed them away, abused them, exploited them, that this is not who the bulk of humanity is. Minnie and her kittens are just a small way I’m trying to correct the injustice done to every stray cat cast aside by humans.

If you are interested in adopting them once they’re spayed/neutered, I live in NC and am looking for loving and responsible people to adopt them and NEVER let them fall into the life their mom did outside.

You can keep up with their journey of growing up here

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Hi everyone,

My baby Coraline hasn’t been seen since Wednesday, October 4th. I’m worried sick - I love her as much as anything in the world - and I’m trying to reach out on every social media platform possible.

She went missing in Shaker Heights, OH, near the intersection between Lytle Rd. and Scottsdale Blvd. We’re putting her food and litter box out in hopes she’ll want to come home.

I’m really worried, especially given the fact that I wasn’t around when she disappeared. I can’t be there to look for her because I’m hundreds of miles away in another state. I’m so scared and nervous - my mind immediately jumped to the worst possible conclusion.

Please signal boost this. If anyone has seen a short, overweight, brown mackerel tabby American Shorthair with green eyes and a red nose that has a tiny black speck in the center, please reach out to me at esbiscoe01@bvsd.org or PM on tumblr or reddit @ r0m3d4.

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope I find her soon.

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I found it screaming on my porch. I can’t keep it, I already got 5. Would anyone in the Dallas Texas area like to adopt a tiny lion?

(submitted by @devidevil)

Jimothy’s Tooth Extraction Fund


My little cat Jimothy recently chipped his right canine tooth far up enough that he has to have surgery to have it removed. :( I set up a GoFundMe, and if you could spread the word by reblogging, or donate if you are able to, I would be very grateful! Link is here!


He’s still thankfully able to eat, but I can’t let an abscess form & cause him any more pain. There’s also my ko-fi account if you’d like to donate anything there. Any help is appreciated!!

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I heard you like cats…

October 08 2017

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☆Sep. 19, 2017☆

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Tofu and Loki :D

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Pabu the Goalie

Pabu’s goal is to catch all the treats!

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My best buddy ♥️

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Meet nala 🐈

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October 07 2017

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Photos by Raquel Sousa‎

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“Here I am for ma interview for a job aboard a ship called Titanic, it also says I have to ⠀
Like ice and water! I don’t drinks so it’s a bit silly wish me well” 🐱🛳🛳❄️💦💦💦🌊🌊👅👅😳🐾🐾 #petsagram #catsofinstagram #kitty #cats #animals #pets #kittens #ilovemycat #catlover #gingercat #love #cutepetclub #cats_of_world #cutecatskittens #thedailykitten #bestmeow #funnycat #gingercatsofinstagram #instacat #instagood #catsofday #meowbox #animalsco #pleasantcats #topcatphoto #dailyfluff #kawaii #neko

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